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More than half of Spanish-speaking anglers who fish in the Anacostia River don’t know about the risks of eating the contaminated fish, according to a recent survey commissioned by local environmental groups groups. At least a quarter of all other fishermen don’t know about the long-term consequences of eating out of the polluted river either, the survey found. (Video originally published with CNS story, Thousands Could Be Eating Contaminated Anacostia Fish)

A criminal record and lack of skills prevents ex-offenders from getting hired.At Jericho, a Baltimore City-based program that helps former prisoners get into the workforce, counselors start with the basics — how to dress for an interview, write a resume, fill online job applications and prepare for interviews. (Video originally published with CNS story, Baltimore Program Provides Job support For Ex-prisoners Coming Home)

Rockville-based GenProMarkers provides biotechnology services to federal and private research centers. It’s CEO, Yan A. Su, is one of the immigrant entrepreneurs who founded a quarter of the technology and engineering companies in Maryland between 2006 and 2012. (Video originally published with CNS story,
Maryland, a Hotbed for Immigrant Tech Entrepreneurs


Casa Bartimeo, A light of hope for the blind in Peru
Korean-born missioner priest and visually impaired Peruvians share how Maryknoll-supported project is giving the blind in Peru a chance at self-sufficiency through massage therapy training. (Video produced for Maryknoll Magazine feature:

Mission Journey in Puno, Peru
A day in the life of Father Robert Hoffmann, a Maryknoll priest from Wisconsin who has served as a missioner in Puno, Peru, for more than 47 years.